Letter To You

Dear Friend & Partner,

Please help us: 3acres of land is being promised towards our Campus Project: Institute for Human Enhancement. The promise land is 9000 Bonnie View Road, Dallas Texas 75241.
Society calls them crazy, some religious congregations don’t want them in their midst, many politicians think of them as parasite, irrelevant, and some family members are afraid to have them around.
This is Dr. Elijah, president of Soul for Christ Ministry, Inc. Please help us in building our Campus Project: Institute for Human Enhancement, a facility where the mentally ill, homeless, elderly, single parents with low income, ex-offenders and/or anyone struggling with life challenges, can come for a combination of interventions. Our interventions include transitional Housing, GED preparation, Life skills training, Computer training, Health education, Behavioral counseling, Community Resources Education, Foods, Bible study and Prayers. The 1st phase of the Project is estimated to be $450,000.
Success Story: we had a mentally ill resident who enrolled in our program, and lived with us for almost 2yrs. He recently gained admission into college, now living on school campus here in Texas. Within the past three years, 4 of our residents have obtained their our apartments, one got married & 2 have full time employment. in 2016, we gave approximately 439,992 meals to low incomes, and provided more than 1200 hours of counseling sessions to those struggling with life challenges. Our computer class has grown to a full capacity of 8 per session, and our GED preparation is starting in March with the help of Workforce Solutions of Greater Dallas & Richardson Community College.
Our Need: God placed us in Oak Cliff / Dallas in 2008 but since then we have relocated 2 times to accommodate the increasing number of people that come to us for help. We are currently occupying the 1st & 3rd floor of a 3storey building. We are in need of a “larger” facility to help more people.

Our Main Source of Income: Soul for Christ Ministry Inc. is not receiving grants and it generates less than $50 in weekly donations because 99% of its members are either homeless, mentally ill, or just got out of prison. The revenue generated from housing the mentally ill is our main source of income and every dollar is used to finance the ministry. All of our workers are volunteers. None is on salary but receiving small biweekly compensations. We thank God dearly for all of our volunteers.

Please help us. Make your donations on our website @ www.soulforchristministry.org or, it can be mailed to: Soul for Christ Ministry Inc., P.O. Box 570831, Dallas TX 75357. Soul for Christ Ministry is not fostering dependency but giving helping hands through education & by providing essential basic needs as we move the individuals from being dependent toward independent living. Thank you.
 Yes, Together We Can Do More!!! 

In Jesus Christ

Rabiu (Elijah) Omolaja, BA., MA., MS., LPC., Ph.D.,
President, Soul for Christ Ministry, Incorporated
O(214) 946-9636; C(214) 641-4577
*Matthew 25: 34-45
 *Luke 6:38
*See our 2016 Services Statistics under “Services.”
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