Hungry no More

Hungry No More

Soul for Christ Ministry, Inc. supports …


*Food Pantry on Wednesdays*

*Homeless Feeding on Site Weekdays except Wednesdays*

12noon – 3:00pm
Soul For Christ Ministry, Inc 

Location: 2402 South Beckley Avenue, Dallas Texas 75224
(Corner of Beckley & Ohio)

Applicants must present 2 of the followings:
Picture ID; Proof of Residence and/or Income!
Soul for Christ Ministry, Inc. gives more than 100,000 meals yearly to individuals including the low income families, single parents, elderly, mentally ill, and the homeless. We are providing group and individual counseling to hundreds of individuals that need it. We are feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, and praying for those that requested our prayers. Soul for Christ Ministry Incorporated has being a Bridge between the individuals and their unmet needs. We are glad to be partners with North Texas Food Bank in campaigning against hunger.

We need your donations and your prayers as we continue to express the love of God to those in need. Soul for Christ Ministry, Inc. is not fostering dependency but extending helping hands to those in needs (Matt. 25: 35-40). Our hope is that those we are helping today will bounce back financially to help others in need of similar help tomorrow. None of us brought anything into this world and, when we die, we will take nothing out (I Tim. 6:7). Our prayer is that you will allow God to use you to help us to continue to help those in need. Soul for Christ Ministry, Inc. is tax exempt. Your donations are tax deductible.
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